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How To Talk To Your Kids About Math (And Why You Need To)

When I started elementary school my mother, like all mothers, began asking me “what did you learn in school today?” I was always eager to share, and did. I talked about the things I was learning in all of my classes. I even remember some of those conversations–like the time I told her about cumulus clouds. After that I remember mom pointing them out to me regularly, and we’d bond over the ensuing conversation…yes, about clouds. Then middle school came. The concepts got more serious–governments and their roles, Greek tragedies, etc.–but she still asked her question, I still answered, and we still bonded over those conversations. It seemed that no matter what the subject was, I could always enjoy a nice discussion about it with my mother. That made me happy; it also made me want to keep learning. But on the horizon was one subject that would eventually drive a wedge between us: math.

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