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supplemental material

This page contains supplemental material for Everyday Calculus.

Guide for Instructors

Everyday Calculus was designed to complement calculus textbooks. The math topics discussed in Everyday Calculus parallel the math topics discussed in standard calculus textbooks, both in the sequence in which they are discussed (e.g., functions first and later limits of functions), and in the chapters in which they appear (for example, most calculus textbooks review functions in Chapter 1 and discuss limits of functions in Chapter 2, and that’s what I do in Everyday Calculus). This complementary nature of the book makes it easy to integrate into a calculus course. To further help with that, feel free to download the Guide for Instructors below. This is a document that contains short reading assignments with associated conceptual and mathematical questions related to the reading. I created this document when I used Everyday Calculus in a calculus course I taught. Students found that the reading complemented the mathematics I was teaching them from a standard calculus textbook.

Everyday Calculus Guide for Instructors

Brief Introduction to the Mathematics of Calculus

I’ve created a short document that summarizes the calculus math discussed in Everyday Calculus. While Everyday Calculus does this throughout the book, readers looking for a more succinct review or introduction to the mathematics of calculus will get exactly that from this second supplemental document. Here’s the link:

Short Summary of Calculus Math