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What The Reviewers Say

One of the American Association for the Advancement of Science’s (AAAS) Books for General Audiences and Young Adults 2014

“For every befuddled math student who’s ever sat in class and thought, ‘When am I ever going to use this?’ Fernandez, assistant professor of mathematics at Wellesley College, gleefully reveals the truth: the world really does run on math. . . . Whether describing how biology uses math to design more efficient organs and body structures or the best way to figure out when to overhaul a subway car, Fernandez keeps the tone light, as entertaining as it is informative. The book will speak most strongly to readers with some experience in trigonometry and basic calculus, but it’s also accessible to those willing to put in a little extra effort. Either way, Fernandez’s witty, delightful approach makes for a winning introduction to the wonderland of math behind the scenes of everyday life.”Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“The author earnestly and excitedly seeks to make the principles of calculus near and natural, without the intimidation of a five-pound textbook dense with equations. . . . Fernandez invites the reader along on this work day and telegraphs an enthusiasm for seeing calculus, with hints of differential equations, presented to him. This excitement will communicate itself to the math enthusiast becoming acquainted with calculus through the author’s style, which is both lively and confident.”–Tom Schulte, MAA Reviews

“Written in a bright conversational tone, this book wonderfully integrates calculus into everyday life.”–Devorah Bennu, GrrlScientist, The Guardian

“Professor Fernandez is a delightfully quirky writer and his book Everyday Calculus is lighthearted and compelling, connecting mathematics to daily life. . . . Everyday Calculus will not only be found to be understandable by non-mathematicians but will also be found to be quite entertaining. Indeed, not everyone considers the calculus going on inside Tandoori ovens, and they should.”–Robert Schaefer, New York Journal of Books

“[T]he book is perfect for a reader who really wants to know what mathematics are governing our lives and who wants to learn and understand or polish up his rusty knowledge of these mathematics.”–A. Bultheel, European Mathematical Society

Everyday Calculus is a triumph in the pursuit of the lofty goal of comprehending the world. Fernandez has touched upon a sensitive nerve, not just because mathematics makes most people cringe, but because the subject has allowed the passage of great things from some of the greatest minds ever to wander within the twentieth century. Oscar Fernandez is as bold as Alfred S. Posementier in his quest to deliver mathematical thinking as nature’s gift to the thinking person.”–D. Wayne Dworsky, San Francisco Book Review

“Fernandez is especially effective when linking together seemingly disparate activities for which the underlying mathematical basis is identical. As the subtitle of the book suggests, the thrust is more one of ‘discovering the hidden math all around us’ rather than showing ‘how mathematics is used,’ which provides an honest and very pleasurable journey.”–Choice

What The Readers Say

“You understand and fall in love with Calculus in a totally new fashion.” —Boutros Ghassibi

“I found the writing style to be very friendly, lively, authoritative, highly accessible and quite captivating.” —G. Poirier

“Everyday Calculus is fun. It also makes you think and enjoy and understand the math.” —Kate

“As I was preparing to teach Calculus to high school students this was a fun way to get examples to answer the questions about ‘When are we going to need this?'” —Susan K. Gushue “mathmom”


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