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1 Minute Math Review Videos

1 Minute Math Review Videos

Forgotten some math? You’ve come to the right place! Let’s get you back up to speed.

  • To start, click on a link within the category of topics you’re interested in reviewing.
  • You’ll then find an engaging video that reviews that topic in about a minute.
  • Just to make sure everything sunk in, try out the short quiz at the end of the video (the solutions, in PDF format, are linked to below and on the video’s page).
  • Finally, download the PDF version of the lesson (linked to below, and on the video’s page)–which contains a link to the video, as well as the quiz and its solutions–in case you need to review the topic again in the future.

I’ll be adding more videos periodically. If you’d like to be notified when new ones are posted, please subscribe to the email list:


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The Basics

Video 1: A quick review of the 6 basic number sets (integers, rationals, etc.). Quiz solutions. PDF version of the lesson.

Video 2: Fraction basics, including adding and subtracting fractions. Quiz solutions. PDF version of the lesson.