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A New Approach to Learning Math

Most people these days learn math from textbooks. But that’s not what Galileo or Newton did. They used the world around them to help discover and invent new mathematics.  That’s what this site is about, and what my writing aims to do: help you learn math by using your everyday experiences. As the proverb goes:

“Tell me, and I will forget. Show me, and I may remember. Involve me, and I will understand.” —Chinese proverb

Site Features

  • Check out the Books page to experience the everyday approach to math in action. (There you’ll find more information about Everyday Calculus, the book that uses your everyday
    experiences—like making coffee and driving to work—to introduce you to calculus.)
  • Visit the Interactive Math page to access interactive demonstrations of math concepts (like the tangent line in calculus) and customizable calculators that help you estimate a variety of interesting things (like how many calories your body burns each day).
  • Head over to the 1 Minute Math Review Videos page to watch short videos that review particular math topics. Each video ends with a short quiz (solutions are provided).
  • Read through the Blog for short articles on hidden mathematics and other topics.
  • While at the blog, follow me on Twitter or sign up for updates through the sidebar.
  • And finally, read more about me or leave feedback in the About/Contact page.


I hope you enjoy the site,

Oscar Fernandez